Video 1

Chapter one, Speaking the same language;

Chapter two, Introduction of Inspector García.

Total time: 04:57

Video 2

Chapter three, A real nightmare;

Chapter four, The arrest: a suspect who doesn’t speak
and engaging an interpreter.

Total time: 10:27

Video 3

Chapter five, Finding and interpreter;

Chapter six, The interrogation: interviewing through an interpreter, dialogue interpreting.

Total time: 23:49

Video 4

Chapter seven, The Court room: court proceedings through an interpreter, examination and whispered simultaneous interpreting.

Total time: 14:36

Video 5

Chapter eight, Video-mediated interpreting.

Total time: 09:42

The three languages represented in the videos are English, Spanish and Polish. Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, Polish and Romanian. More subtitled versions may be available later.