Maria Novak is in court, facing a charge of robbery with violence. A Spanish-English interpreter is with her. The court hears how the theft took place and Maria is questioned by the judge. She confirms that she pleads guilty to the theft of the purse but denies pushing the woman. The case is adjourned so that footage on the security camera can be viewed.

Maria Novak
A Polish girl
Javier Ferrandis
Clerk of Court
Máximo Arráez
Public Prosecutor
Alberto Estadilla
Counsel for the defense
Francisco Pellantes
Sarah Brightsmith
Esther López

This clip focusses on whispered simultaneous interpretation of speeches and consecutive interpreting of dialogue, showing how both modes of interpreting are used in a courtroom situation.

  1. What challenges does whispered simultaneous interpreting present to the interpreter?
  2. In which situations do you think whispered simultaneous interpreting would be appropriate and where would it not?
  1. What specific features of this mode of interpreting did you notice?
  2. To what extent to do you think that Maria’s interpreting needs were addressed appropriately at this point?

Subtitles: EN - ES - RO - PO